Greek Life

Many students say the Greek system dictates the social scene at W&L, where 76 percent of women are in a sorority and 75 percent of men are members of a fraternity.

Greek Life: It's Everything

Heeth Varnedoe, '19, Chi Psi
Harleigh Bean, '18, Kappa Alpha Theta
Drew Barnard, '19, Kappa Sigma

Going Greek in Hindsight

Fraternities control the social scene on campus, while sororities are not allowed to host parties where alcohol is available. Recruitment for men and women begins early in a first-year student's time on campus. Fraternities and sororities give out bids in the winter term. Some students lose their enthusiasm for the Greek system as they get older and become involved in other activities.

Why They Rushed

Heeth Varnedoe, '19, Chi Psi
Harleigh Bean, '18, Kappa Alpha Theta

Why They Didn't

Ellen Kanzinger, '18, Independent
Jimmie Johnson III, '20, Independent

Why They Dropped

Christina Han, '18, formerly sister of Chi Omega
Elizabeth Todd, '19, formerly sister of Alpha Delta Pi

Love Greek Life

-Yolanda Yang, '18, Alpha Delta Pi

Love Greek Life, But ...

Heeth Varnedoe, '19, Chi Psi
Adit Ahmed, '19, Sigma Nu
Drew Barnard, '19, Kappa Sigma

“Spheres of Inclusion”

Senior Harleigh Bean, who has been a member of a sorority since her first year, says she understands the benefits of Greek life. But she also blames the Greek system for creating levels of inclusion and exclusion on campus.

Harleigh Bean, '18, Kappa Alpha Theta

The Greek organizations hold formals, which are invitation-only events for members of chapter and their dates. Mixers are theme parties that are held between a particular fraternity and sorority. Only members of the chapters that are “mixing” are allowed to attend until the parties open to all students at 10 p.m. Any student is allowed to attend an open party or band party.